Our History

In 1858, Methodism was introduced to the village of Eureka by a traveling pioneer Methodist preacher, “Uncle” Zadock Hall of Worth Township. Hall found 13 listeners, and the group began meeting in a wagon shop near the railroad, organizing into the Eureka Methodist Episcopal Church on Dec. 5th of that year. In 1862, a 36-by-50 foot frame church was erected at a cost of $4,000.00. Church membership grew and in 1881 Eureka was chosen as the site of the lively and successful “camp meetings” sponsored by the Streator District of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1883, the church building on Callender Street was built.

As the church moved into the 20th century, the Ladies’ Aid Society and the Epworth League for Youth were mainstays, providing opportunities for Christian mission, service and learning. In 1918-1920 the church had no preacher and no worship service, but the Ladies’ Aid and the Sunday school kept functioning. A name change to Eureka United Methodist Church occurred in 1968.

For over 150 years and under the leadership of nearly 65 pastors, the Methodist Church has opened it’s doors to all those wishing to meet Jesus Christ and grow in faith and service.