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This year Valentine’s Day comes on a Sunday. So, to make it special we will have that day Reaffirmation of Wedding Vows. This will give couples a chance to reaffirm the vows they made 50,20,10,5 years ago again. That Sunday each lady will receive a special flower and the couple a certificate of renewing their vows. I know that would be difficult for widows and widowers so we will have a special blessing and remembrance for those in attendance. This will happen at both services on February 14th. Please contact the office and make your reservation so we can have your gift, certificate, or remembrance on that special day. If you have questions please feel free to contact Pastor Ted A. or Jenny.     

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Our regular worship schedule is 8:00 and 10:30am on Sunday mornings, with Sunday School for all ages at 9:20am. However, in the months that have 5 Sundays, we worship in song together with one service at 10:30am on the 5th Sunday. Any other special occasions, we will update service times on our website and it will be printed in advance in our monthly newsletter found under the newsletter tab. We welcome you to join us any Sunday of the month!       

            Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month at both services. The communion table of the United Methodist Church is an open table. You do not have to be a member of the church to partake and everyone is welcomed. The invitation to the table is an invitation to a personal and lasting relationship with God through Jesus Christ.






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